Conference Overview

PMI Gujarat, India Chapter is planning to host its South-Asia Pacific Conference. Our one-day conference, slated for 16 December 2023, is a flagship event that aims to bring together 300+ industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from diverse sectors to discuss cutting-edge trends, best practices, and emerging challenges in project management. The conference will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, offering a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

About the theme: Crafting Tomorrow’s World: Strategic Project Management for Industry 5.0

In an age of rapid technological evolution and global industry transformation, we stand at the precipice of Industry 5.0 – a revolutionary phase poised to redefine the way businesses operate. Our conference theme, “Crafting Tomorrow’s World: Strategic Project Management for Industry 5.0,” encapsulates the essence of this momentous shift and its profound implications for enterprises worldwide.

Industry 5.0 is not merely an extension of its predecessor, Industry 4.0, but a pivotal evolution. It signifies a comprehensive merger of human expertise and technological innovation, emphasizing harmonious coexistence rather than automation alone. This new era transcends conventional boundaries, demanding agile adaptation and strategic foresight.

At its core, this conference theme seeks to unravel the intricate dynamics of Industry 5.0 through the lens of strategic project management. We recognize that project management is the linchpin holding together the multifaceted elements of modern business. It is the discipline that will empower organizations to thrive amidst the complexities of Industry 5.0.

Throughout the conference, we will delve into a diverse range of topics essential for understanding and navigating Industry 5.0. We will explore the agility required in project management methodologies, the transformative potential of digital twin technology, the human centric ethos of Industry 5.0, the imperatives of sustainable project practices, and the ethical considerations inherent in an era of heightened automation.

By attending this event, participants will gain profound insights into how strategic project management can shape the future. They will learn to harness the power of Industry 5.0 to drive innovation, optimize resources, and foster sustainable growth. Our aim is to inspire organizations and academicians to proactively embrace Industry 5.0 and equip them with the strategic tools to thrive in this dynamic landscape. We aim to engage in this transformative discourse, join thought leaders, and emerge with a blueprint for crafting a prosperous and sustainable tomorrow in the world of Industry 5.0. Together, we will explore the possibilities of Crafting Tomorrow’s World.

We invite you to join us at in-person conference at Ahmedabad on December 16 to learn, network, share, influence and grow.

Why attend?

  • Listen to visionary Keynote speakers and SMEs
  • Learn about the latest tools and trends in the profession
  • Network with over 300+ leaders & practitioners
  • Earn PDUs
  • Acquire skillsets covered under the PMI Talent Triangle

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