Know yourself and others through SDI (Strength Development Inventory) Tool. The SDI is a self-scoring motivational assessment tool that provides an understanding of what drives you and what drives others. It is used in corporate settings for team building, conflict management, leadership development, communication enhancement. This Tool has been used to help individuals and organization for over 30 years and major companies like Apple, Boeing, Proctor & Gamble and many more have used the SDI to remain competitive.

Karachi Pakistan Chapter offers the following skill-based licensed training programs with the SDI and Relationship Awareness . These programs are offered through SDI Qualified & Certified facilitator.

SDI Online

Know your Personality type (MVS) through online assessment without your physical presence from anywhere in the world. You will complete all your assessment online and you will be sent your arrow charts & other reports as PDF documents.

  • Assessment available online
  • Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Portrait of Personal Strengths
  • Portrait of Overdone Strengths
  • Feedback edition of SDI
  • Expectation Edition of SDI
  • Feedback portrait of Personal Strengths
  • Feedback Edition of Overdone Strengths
  • Companies can collect 360-degree Feedback of their employees online.

Companies can compare Motivation & Strengths of their employs with their expected standards through online assessment

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At present we have volunteering opportunities open with various portfolios of PMI Gujarat Chapter. We are looking for volunteers and invite you to be part of PMIGJC volunteers’ force.

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